Confiteor vobis…

pushing and screaming, the lifeless city races by and pulls me along. i didn’t ask, but said nothing; a willing victim, a passive accomplice.

quia peccavi nimis ommisione…

“Something wrong?  Oh, don’t be surprised, it’s just the pandemic: No one is alive because we’ve forgotten how to die.  I see you’re surprised?  It’s simple really; let me explain: evolution, being what it is…well, we don’t need death anymore.  We’ve moved on.  Immortalization is where it’s at (so I’ve been told).”

ideo precor vos, fratres…

what is wrong with me?  just shake it off.

the day is glaring, here is the bus. arrives gleaming, doors glide to receive us; entered:

a split second:

beyond the open doors, i look and see:

the sky, shining bright, burning blue; it rushes through my eyes, pierces my mind,

and stabs my heart.  the pain; i would fall but there is no room in this

crowding mass of bodies.

the dull doors slam shut, and so do i.

orare pro me ad…?


The Author: “A few years ago, Catherine was pretty sure she knew what she believed. Now she’s pretty sure she doesn’t know what she believes, but she’s decided that living and experiencing are good ways to spend time as she tries to figure out what life is about. Also, she’s a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering; as such, she has no official qualifications to speak on anything regarding theology or religion.”



Our Daily Rapture

One of my best friends, Gabe, is getting married. This weekend, we along with other close friends went hiking in the mountains not too far north of Montreal. I really enjoy the Canadian mounts and woods, it’s the kind of scenery I would only see in movies when growing up. All those lakes and pine wood everywhere.


That’s all I could think when staring at the sunlight coming through the foliage, the greenness of the moss, the colorful mushrooms, the exposed rocks, the roots wrapping the dirt all around and making natural steps as we moved up the mountain, while hearing the water rushing from the cascades into the lake. Too beautiful. Awesome. Awe-full even. Continue reading Our Daily Rapture