Our Daily Rapture

One of my best friends, Gabe, is getting married. This weekend, we along with other close friends went hiking in the mountains not too far north of Montreal. I really enjoy the Canadian mounts and woods, it’s the kind of scenery I would only see in movies when growing up. All those lakes and pine wood everywhere.


That’s all I could think when staring at the sunlight coming through the foliage, the greenness of the moss, the colorful mushrooms, the exposed rocks, the roots wrapping the dirt all around and making natural steps as we moved up the mountain, while hearing the water rushing from the cascades into the lake. Too beautiful. Awesome. Awe-full even. Continue reading Our Daily Rapture


Scars and New Beginnings

I work testing video games. The difference between movies and games is that in games you are in control, which is awesome. They’re also endlessly forgiving, even the hardest ones: when you make a mistake, there’s always the option of trying again. With save datas or by literally starting the game again, if you keep going you reach the goal and beat all challenges. In the end you’re the hero that never lost, because every time you did lose, you simply went back in time and tried again.

What’s attractive about it is that our actual lives are not like that. In real life, the mistakes we committed yesterday, the ways in which we are hurt or we hurt others, the words we say and decisions we make, have no “return to checkpoint” option. There is only consequence. Healing is painful and it leaves scars.

Then there is death, game over. Continue reading Scars and New Beginnings