How Should We Respond to Homelessness?

My Experience with Homelessness

In last year’s census of the homeless, volunteers counted 3016 homeless people in Montreal. In all of Canada, it’s estimated that there are more than 235,000 homeless.

This is a problem. Continue reading How Should We Respond to Homelessness?


Christmas is Pagan!

Evil Origins

Yes, it’s true. Christmas has pagan origins. But it’s not the only common thing in our modern, western culture with pagan origins. In fact, vitamins and medicine are deeply rooted in paganism. Actually, dare I say, if it wasn’t for the pagans, our progress in modern medicine would not be where it is today. But does that make medicine bad, or (to up it a notch) evil? Is it bad to have pagan origins or even pagan connections? Continue reading Christmas is Pagan!

Why does evil exist?

It’s a mad world.

Those were my thoughts Friday morning, after reading about a boy, three years old, who last year was tortured and beaten to death over a 3 day period, by his mother’s boyfriend as his mother watched and laughed… Throughout the day, I was filled with melancholy, reflecting on life’s seeming absurdity, and the pointlessness of such horrendous violence. Then, Paris happened. I began to cry. Continue reading Why does evil exist?

It’s a Small World After All

Occurring days after marrying, I recently flew to Cuba, my very first time flying. To say the least, the last few weeks have been thrilling, adventurous. I’ve been learning to take risks, to ignore fear and choose courage.  Continue reading It’s a Small World After All

Birthday Reflections of a Christian “Existentialist”

So, I just turned 25, a quarter of a century. As a joke, a friend of mine gave me 25 cents in a card for my birthday. Just as it takes 4 of those quarters to make a dollar, it will take 4 times what I have lived to reach 100 years, an age that few see. In fact, even if I were to reach 100 years, life would still be short, a little more than 3 billion seconds—3 billion moments.  Continue reading Birthday Reflections of a Christian “Existentialist”

Where Would Jesus Grab Coffee?

This post has a high chance of offending many different types of people. I will do my best, however, to be as inoffensive as the English language will allow.

A couple years ago, Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, officially stated the support of Starbucks for the legalization of gay marriage. In response to this, Christians, and other supporters of traditional marriage, began boycotting Starbucks, choosing to satisfy their caffeine urges elsewhere. Is this a proper response? Continue reading Where Would Jesus Grab Coffee?

Why Do We Write? Some Reflections from Reading Augustine’s Confessions

I recently finished reading Confessions by Saint Augustine, a book that I had been planning to read for quite some time. The first time I attempted to read Confessions was over a year ago, and my initial thoughts were that it is a difficult read. In fact, the first few pages put me to sleep, causing me to hold off from reading the book until recently.

When I began to really read Confessions, I was drawn into it. I felt invited to see inside the mind of a fascinating, fourth-century man.  As I read from chapter to chapter, I traveled to the past, in what is, really, one of our only means to travel such a distance: ancient writings. Continue reading Why Do We Write? Some Reflections from Reading Augustine’s Confessions

Life, Puzzles, and Saving the Planet. Oh, and I’m Gabe.

Hey readers. I’m going to be posting here, along with Lucas. My name is Gabriel, but Gabe will suffice. I find it difficult to write these sort of posts. People are far more complicated than a few paragraphs allow. But since it would be useful for you to know a bit about me, I will do my best. Continue reading Life, Puzzles, and Saving the Planet. Oh, and I’m Gabe.