The God of unbelievers #1: Theology not for Christians

Ever since I have started studying theology, I have had quite a few interesting conversations with different people. I am studying in a secular, “liberal” university with believers and non-believers from different backgrounds and different insights into who God is. Some of the conversations I have appreciated the most were with atheists, people who deny, for a number of reasons, the existence of the God I love. You see, I am a Christian, but my favorite philosopher (if I may not call him a theologian) is Friedrich Nietzsche, who proclaimed that God was dead. I am very interested in the reasons why people would not believe, and to me, understanding honest atheism helps me understand both God and men, which I believe is what theology is all about. Continue reading The God of unbelievers #1: Theology not for Christians


Love too much?

This may be because of the time I spent reading things with heavy Buddhist undertones, but I have come to see more and more that the source of all suffering I experience is love. I mean, circumstances only affect me because I care, right? If I did not love my body, I could be hurt and feel pain, but I would not really suffer with that. If a stranger dies and I have absolute apathy for him, I will not suffer with it. On the other hand, the more I care, the more I love, the more I hope and become attached to something, the more I suffer when I lose it. Even if it is my own pride, my love of self.

According to Jesus of Nazareth, as a first century Jewish rabbi, all religion that is worth anything is summed up in two commandments: love God with all of your everything, and love your neighbor as your( )self. This is pretty radical, and Christians have had a really hard time, specially nowadays, dealing with what that means. We have become very much hedonistic (hedonism is a way of life where you make choices based on the most pleasure and least suffering possible), which is a great philosophy if you want to live as an individual and just take as much out of life as you can, but it does not work well with Jesus commandments of love, because his commandments demand you to choose to suffer.  Continue reading Love too much?

Allow me to introduce myself

I have been wanting to start a blog for the past while. The surface reason is that I have had many friends tell me “Hey Lucas, you should write a book sometime”, and blogs are good practice for that. The real reason is that every day I go a little crazy; I think things, but then I regain my lucidity and life is boring again. I want to write that crazy down, and to invite you, fellow anonymous reader, to be part of it. Continue reading Allow me to introduce myself