Our Project

TheoCité is a project for students and lovers of religion and theology who wish to read and share their essays, articles, and opinion pieces through an accessible platform, but avoid the hassle of having to maintain a blog or website themselves. We welcome submissions on different topics from politics to art, from different perspectives, as long as they are loosely related to the sacred – or the profane.

Our History

In 2015 Lucas Coque began to study theology, first at Concordia University and then at McGill University, in Montreal, QC. Coming from a conservative evangelical background, holding strong to Reformed theology, but experiencing the deep deconstruction brought by academic research, he decided to start a blog where he would “digest” the questions that would affect him the most. Gabriel Desjardins, who comes from a very similar background and who was also beginning to study theology, joined the project, and both shared the blog Theology-à-côté until 2018. Occasionally another friend who also studies theology, Xavier Robidoux, would share his thoughts in French.

Eventually, Lucas and Gabe agreed that expanding the blog and opening it up to more people who would like to share their thoughts about spirituality was a good idea, not just other theology students but people with different perspectives from philosophy, political science, and art. Erika Olivaux, a student of philosophy at Université de Montréal, volunteered to be part of the editorial team, looking forward to submissions in French.

You are welcome to look for the older posts, as they are still in our system, categorized as Archive. You will see they have a far more personal blog feeling to them. Our Submissions page is the place to go if you want to participate in our project and see what you can expect for the future of this blog.