Pause, look back, move forward

I published my first post on this blog in 2015 (here). Today, two years and a few months later, I find myself attempting to put together so many of the thoughts, ideas, experiences and transformations I had since. I am writing down a series of posts for the next few weeks where I will unpack some of the ways I have come to understand religion, spirituality, life, church, God, salvation, society, myself, others, etc. I will speak of politics and poetry, the dead rising and the living un-living.

As I read my old posts, specially that first one, I see much has changed. Today I actually watch Netflix, and I am more confident in poetry. My favorite philosophy is not Nietzsche’s, but I still think gazing into the abyss is of prime importance. I haven’t gotten much better with my guitar, but I also haven’t given up.

Much is still the same. I am still me. I still need this blog to digest thoughts, organize them by writing them down; owning my own words, hoping for feedback from friends and strangers who read them.

Today I updated the blog’s theme and layout, making it much nicer. See our front page! On the top right you can see a menu where you can search posts by author/category – I share this space with Gabe and Xavier, who also muse theology.

These posts I am preparing are really a very long post that I will publish in 4 parts or more. It is for everyone, including me, who is trying to make sense of “hey, Lucas, c’mon, what the heck do you actually believe in?”. If you don’t know me, I am trying to make sense of being an Agnostic Christian Existentialist with Anarchist and Socialist leanings. As usual I may raise more questions than answers. As usual my attempt of organization may look more like a bee-hive of ideas: it looks like they’re all over the place, zooming everywhere, but you can trust they are working together.

Anyhow, if you are a bible-believing Christian, religious, or just spiritual, or even outright atheist; if you are conservative, or a socialist, or a liberal; if you care a lot about politics, or if you wish people cared less about it; if you know me, or if we became friends at a party one night and added each other on Facebook and then never saw each other again, but, somehow, you are reading this, I invite you to browse through, read, and, hopefully, connect and share what you have to say, too.

Peace : )


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