Wonderings: The Chase Of Love

What have I done to you?
Why are you hiding away from me now?
Have I not been gentle to you?
Once you were mine,

But now you’re gone.
You ran beyond the setting sun.
Please tell me what I’ve done ,
how I have treated you badly.
Because now I’m sitting alone saddly,
looking for your soul.
The only one that can make me whole.

Still on my mind, I’m chasing you.
Looking for you in my dreams,
While hating you in reality
Makes no sense to me
How this thing can live in here
and then everything seems to disappear.

Are you like a horse with no name?
Running through the plains
Searching for a place you can call home
I’ll call you a ”Boehm”
If you were a friend
But I won’t pretend

  In the midst of the wilderness there are things that you won’t find anywhere else. After hours and hours of searching through the branches, the cold wind, the pouring rain and on the steep ground you can’t imagine that you’ll find a place where you can stop, rest and sleep. And then suddenly…suddenly everything opens in front of you: no more branches, no more trees, there you are.

Wonderings, this is really what I saw in front of me. This was exactly where I was. It was actually still the same thing that I keep seeing every time I wake up when I’m in town. But this time, it seemed more real than never before. Nothing, there was nothing. I thought at first that it could be at the right place to settle in, but it wasn’t. Facing the giants of the unknown, this dense forest seemed bigger than it looked when I stood on the top of the mountain.

There are a lot of things into the forest of life. Peace, hope, war, evil, death, joy, sadness, emptiness and friends. At least, we can enjoy seeing some of each once we encounter them on our path. But still, there is one that seems to run away every time we get it: love. When it visits us, soon it leaves us with our own bitterness. We keep trying and trying to make it come back to us when we see how our bitterness affects us and others. Let’s ask ourselves those simple questions: Was it really ours when we felt it was near us? Were we enough good to attact it? Or is wickedness chasing away love?

 As far as I know, expelling wickedness from ourselves is more than a full time job. In fact, it’s an impossible possibility. But with love it’s different. It comes and goes and we don’t know why, but here is the hint: Once you encounter it you know where to find it. However the research keep going but every steps are then even more worth it.

As long as I tried to find a place I kept searching in the middle of a cloud. On my way, nature revealed her own spots where she could welcome an outlander looking for peace and rest. The Chase Of Love he said… sometimes it just seems that we are running to stand still … but it’s not.

Crédit Photo: David Martel

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