God and Inspiration: Lit Up by Broendsted

A few weeks ago, my friend Bjorn called me to join in an interview for his podcast “Lit Up” (← click!), where he interviews people he knows and talks about what inspires them. I thought it would be a really fun thing to do, so we met at Mt. Royal and had our chat, first while walking (and climbing stairs!), but then we sat on some rocks with an amazing view of Montreal’s skyline, and that’s when things really picked up in our talk. I’d say around 20 mins into it.

In the latter half I talked about very personal, deeper thoughts about life, love, fear, destiny, free-will, duality and paradox, that, if you like this blog, you will certainly enjoy listening to it : )

Bjorn is an artist from Christiania, Denmark, living in Montreal. He’s got amazing skills and does really high quality, high-end art that he offers as Broendsted Light & Luxe Living, which I surely do recommend you to check out. He is also a very inspiring person himself, learning and sharing experiences as he makes his path in life. In his website, he runs a blog, where he shares all sorts of good stuff, along with the podcast Lit Up. My interview is the entry #9, so there’s still 8 other very interesting talks to listen to ;)

After our interview we actually kept chatting for a good other two hours, because we couldn’t just stop. That’s when you know a talk is really interesting. It was a pleasure to spend that time discussing so many things, and hopefully you can get some of his great personality as you listen to him interviewing me and other people.

I hope you enjoy it! Direct link to the audio right here.


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