Life, Puzzles, and Saving the Planet. Oh, and I’m Gabe.

Hey readers. I’m going to be posting here, along with Lucas. My name is Gabriel, but Gabe will suffice. I find it difficult to write these sort of posts. People are far more complicated than a few paragraphs allow. But since it would be useful for you to know a bit about me, I will do my best. My head is often in the clouds; my dear fiancé would be the first to attest to this! I spend most of my thought life thinking about complex things. I like puzzles, always have. I enjoy making connections, spotting patterns, and piecing things together– which is probably why I also enjoy videography (I’ve made a few short films, and will probably post some here eventually) and storytelling. In fact, some of my posts will probably be first drafts of my many story ideas. The things that presently interest me the most are theology and science. Particularly, I’m intrigued by hermeneutics (or, different ways of reading and interpreting the Bible) and what’s known as eco-theology. I’m also very interested in physics and the strange ways in which time works. Time. As human beings, we have roughly 2.5 billion seconds to live– 2.5 billion heart beats (that is… if we survive that long). I’ve learned, and am continuing to learn, to spend my time wisely, on things that matter. The older I become (though I am not that old [nearly 25]) the more I realize how vaporous this life is. We’re here, and then we’re not. When I look at myself, I’m mesmerized by the fact that what I see will be laid to rest, decaying, in some 80-90 years. We have less time than we think, yet we spend countless hours on needless things. I believe that we were made to discover God’s creation, marvelling at his masterly crafted works. The world is complex, yet simple. It’s filled with unspeakable evil and unspeakable beauty. It is ours to discover and to care for. Caring for the planet, in fact, is very important to me; my lovely wife-to-be and I consider ourselves quite “eco-conscious.” I will inevitably post rants about the current, chaotic state of planet earth– since such things will certainly occupy much dinner conversations in my marriage to be. Like many, I know what pain is. I’ve suffered through the debilitating, and family- destroying nature of mental illness. My mom’s sickness separated my family when I was quite young, taking a larger toll on my life than I have yet to fully realize. But God saw it fit to allow this, giving me a soft spot those who’ve suffered like I have. Life, to me, is a puzzle– a massive, complex puzzle. I don’t know the full picture, but from what I’ve seen, I know it’s beautiful. I often feel frustrated, trying to fit pieces where they weren’t meant to fit, but it will fit; I believe it will. God has it all figured out. Though there’s much more about me that I could share, that’s me in a nutshell. I hope you’ll continue to read what I write, as I attempt to piece things together, blog by blog.


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